Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab)

Being able to quickly develop prototypes and test them in reality can represent a decisive time advantage in the creation of innovations. For example, it is much easier to discuss new types of load carriers using a 3D-printed model. Similarly, the concept of an IoT device can be implemented in a very short time by 3D printing an individual case and then installing the technical components. Within a few days, the first prototypes can thus be realized completely independently and the functionality of the theoretical idea can be tested practically.

The Packaging and Trade Logistics department therefore operates a so-called FabLab in which employees and students can quickly realize their own ideas. Equipped with two modern 3D printers, a variety of tools, soldering technology and a spacious work area, the FabLab offers everything needed to try out new solutions "on the fly". In doing so, we always keep an eye on later scalability. Our customers benefit from a high implementation speed and tangible project results.

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