Image Processing

Image processing systems

Image processing systems are true multi-talents: They are used wherever classic barcode scanners and RFID systems reach their limits, such as in the reading of barcodes in motion or the camera-based identification and localization of objects.

Integration of handhelds

Thanks to the power of modern smartphones, as well as MDEs and their high-resolution cameras, completely new possibilities are emerging in the field of image processing. Compared to manual counting, the counting of load carriers via smartphone app, for example of pallets or folding platforms, is not only significantly faster and less error-prone, but also enables unprecedented transparency through image documentation - without any additional effort.

Artificial intelligence instead of classic image processing

By applying artificial intelligence to image data, powerful algorithms can be developed for the classification and identification of logistical objects.

2D codes for optical detection

2D codes on load carriers and mobile or stationary hardware for image capture eliminate the need for manual scanning processes, so that, for example, in the area of incoming or outgoing goods, there is fully automatic documentation of the flow of goods, including images of the load and an exact time stamp.

Innovations driven by image processing

A selection of our innovations in the field of image processing can be found here:

Joint Projects

Our offer: We integrate stationary and mobile camera systems into your logistics and develop individual algorithms for the recognition of objects with and without additional identifier. We evaluate the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of image processing systems tailored to your company.