Tracking & Tracing

In logistics, the unique identification of deliveries plays an important role, for example, in ensuring the transparency of the delivery process along the entire value chain, clarifying the whereabouts of shipments, or calculating the turnaround time of load carriers.

However, linking a physical shipment with up-to-date tracking information presents many companies with a major technical challenge. Overcoming this and establishing a robust tracking & tracing system - both within and across companies - enables more efficient supply chain management. We draw on extensive know-how from existing standards and pre-existing solutions while thinking innovatively to enable seamless traceability of goods movements, increase flexibility, reduce process-related costs and increase transparency in the supply chain.

Our offer: We support our customers in the development as well as the piloting of tracking & tracing systems. This starts with the selection of the correct technologies and standards and continues with the implementation of appropriate software solutions that cover the customer's individual requirements. Depending on the requirements, the solutions range from a hardware and software selection to the development of individual solution concepts.