The future of training: PackNick's VR programme enhances packaging process quality

PackNick is a VR-based training programme for learning the packaging process. Regardless of time or location restrictions, the process can be trained with the support of feedback. The playful approach using a leaderboard motivates players to improve themselves. The training can also be adapted to different processes or workplaces.

Packaging training in virtual reality

Due to the time-consuming and localised nature of previous training processes, employees' motivation to learn is low, which can lead to a higher error rate in the packaging process.

In order to increase the learning success and motivation for more training among employees, there is a need for practical training, which is a combination of application-orientated and theoretical knowledge transfer that previous training methods have not yet been able to implement.

Customisable training for different processes and workstations

Most serious games are played on screen with a mouse and keyboard. Realisation in VR, however, can have further advantages. The learning content can be experienced more intuitively as the controls are much closer to real movement: players are in the virtual space (visually) and only need a few buttons on the hand controllers to interact with the virtual world. They also have to perform the actual movements towards certain objects in real life instead of pressing a button to reach an object.

Our commitment to top quality

In the pursuit of the highest product quality, we have made the conscious decision to subject our products to the requirements of official testing. We are proud that PackNick 2023 has been awarded the prestigious seal "Software Made in Germany".

You can find more information in our product sheets, which are available for download below.