Digital transformation

Digital Transformation - continuous development, new opportunities


Due digital change, keywords such as AI, automation, IoT and Industry 4.0 characterize numerous current articles in logistics journals.

Faster and stronger than ever, technological development is affecting the business world of various companies and their needs and requirements.Consistently planned, monitored and controlled logistics processes are becoming a basic prerequisite for ensuring competitiveness of your company.


However, what defines digital transformation?

While the term digitization generally describes the conversion of analog content into digital formats, digital transformation aims to grow through the requirements of digital technologies, which results in adapting new technologies and business models to effectively address the customer. Therefore, digital transformation includes processes of change, due to digital technologies at high speed.


Why do we need digital transformation?

Due to growing technologies, the chances of increased data transparency arise. A solid database is the basis for all business processes. The comprehensive data transparency of machine and operating data has the advantage of being able to design intralogistic business processes more efficiently. Thus, it is possible for your company to gain a competitive advantage.


What opportunities does the digital transformation offer?

If your company reacts appropriately to the changed market conditions, it will not only be able to remain competitive on the market in the future, but even create competitive advantages such as increased customer reach, sales and new products.

Have you become curious?

Our experts in the competence field of digital transformation will show you the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation for your company.

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