Smart Sensorik

Smart devices


Smart devices are electronic devices that are wireless, mobile, networked and equipped with various sensors (e.g. geosensors, gyroscopes, temperature or cameras). These include smartphones, tablet PCs, wearables and data glasses (google glass).

What can smart devices do?

With mobile smart devices, the right information can be made available at the right time and above all at the right place for planning and controlling your business processes.

One of our core competencies includes the integration of suitable smart devices into the processes of your company. This covers the processing of smart sensor technology, the development of apps as well as the integration into higher-level planning, control processes, and the associated technical infrastructure, which can also be provided directly by a Logistical Assistance System (LAS).

We offer the following smart devices for your company:

-       AutoID

-       Coaster

             - Commissioning app

             - Machine status app

             - App for controlling transport vehicles

-         Fraunhofer ProductionPad

-         Intelligent indoor location without infrastructure


Smart sensors


By means of smart sensor technology, it is possible to combine not only the actual acquisition of measured variables, but also integrated signal conditioning and signal processing in one housing. Thus, physical quantities are not only acquired, but also processed according to specified functions and output as digital information.

This smart technology creates the basis for efficiency and progress in logistics and research and offers new technical possibilities in plant monitoring and process optimisation.

Our services:

Curious about our services? Thanks to the many years of experience of our employees in the competence field of smart sensors and smart devices, we will be happy to advise and support you individually in the opportunities and possibilities for plant and process optimization in your company. With the following services, we are at your side for the implementation of smart technologies:

-        Consulting and implementation of AutoID (barcode, optical systems, RFID etc.), positioning and other smart sensor technology

-      Performance of laboratory and field tests

-       Implementation to the prototype stage and connection to a management system

-       App development

-      Sensor consulting / technology consulting