A technological istrument to support man and maschine


Artificial intelligence has long been considered one of the key technologies of the 21st century. Artificial Intelligence is a basic innovation that will profoundly change the economy, politics and society. For these reasons, this topic is becoming increasingly important in companies, administration and the everyday life.

However, what is the idea behind Artificial Intelligence Assistance (AIA)?

If you look at daily business lifes in various branches of industry, it becomes clear that humans and machines cannot always efficiently handle both mindless work tasks and complex questions. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, precisely this problem is to be solved. The basic benefit of this technology is therefore the provision of an instrument to support man and machine in business processes.

Are there concrete application examples for an increase in efficiency using AIA?

One example of a simple and not very value-adding process is the system of empties. This is because in central warehouses of beverage manufacturers, empties have to be counted by people (which means that value creation is not efficient). This approach may still be manageable for beverage shops and grocery stores, but wholesalers deliver truckloads of empties to manufacturers. Correct deposit handling is therefore a basic requirement. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to carry out an automated deposit handling. In this procedure, an AI looks at the beverage pallet, counts the beverage crates and assigns them to the respective types. An automatic deposit credit is then created for the customer.

An example where the use of Artificial Intelligence can eliminate extensive investments is the location of forklifts for the automatic booking of transport and storage movements. Looking at the industrial sector, it becomes clear that previous indoor tracking systems work with optical and/or radio-based markings. However, the technologies available on the market for this are complex to install and therefore very expensive. Our indoor tracking system does not require any other infrastructure than a camera and a small AI computer per forklift. The new system is therefore relatively inexpensive and more flexible than the previous tracking systems. 

The demonstrated potential of Artificial Intelligence opens up opportunities and possibilities to sustainably change both internal and external processes in all areas of the company.

Take the chance to make your business processes even more efficient by using AI!

We are looking forward to a cooperation with you!

  • Click here to download the flyer planning automation
  • Click here to download the flyer planning automation