Immersive training for enhanced safety and efficiency

The VR application for forklift drivers was created to train internal company processes and locations and to raise hazard awareness. The control is abstracted from the actual forklift truck using low-cost consumer hardware and enables realistic driving experiences in a true-to-life image of the warehouse.

Conventional process training with forklift trucks often harbours considerable risk and requires a considerable amount of time. In addition, there are numerous situations that are difficult or impossible to train effectively. Our VR application revolutionises this training experience in a playful way.

Efficient process and hazard training 

LiftNick is not driver safety training in the usual sense, but process and control training for forklift truck drivers. Direct feedback and playful elements ensure increased motivation and more efficient and therefore faster training. It also takes into account unusual situations that cannot be trained in practice. Thanks to its modular structure, LiftNick can also be flexibly adapted to almost any process and warehouse layout. The multilingual implementation overcomes any existing language barriers.

Our commitment to top quality

In the pursuit of the highest product quality, we have made the conscious decision to subject our products to the requirements of official testing. We are proud that LiftNick 2023 has been successfully certified by TÜV.

LiftNick is also certified with ISO/IEC 25051:2014-02. The standard is characterised by its comprehensive coverage of various aspects of software quality and usability. It specifies comprehensive requirements and recommendations to ensure that software products fulfil high standards in terms of their quality, functionality and usability. Key characteristics include functional suitability, performance efficiency, reliability and effectiveness, as well as user satisfaction.

As a ready-to-use software, LiftNick is demonstrably easy to install and user-friendly to use. In addition, all test procedures have been successfully completed, which guarantees the reliability of the software and the insurance that no further adjustments or updates are required.

More information can be found in our product sheets, which are available for download below.