Intuitive training for incoming goods

InGo is a serious game in VR in which players learn and train the incoming goods process. Regardless of time or location restrictions, the process can be trained with the support of feedback. The training allows the combination of practical training with theoretical background knowledge through additive overlays during the activity.

Traditional training might not generate enough motivation and engagement among participants, resulting in a lower learning experience and poorer knowledge absorption. In addition, traditional training is time-consuming and localised. The need for practical training that can be safely combined with theoretical background knowledge has not yet been met.

Digital training in logistics: VR is revolutionising qualification methods

Efficient qualification methods are needed to meet the rapidly changing demands of the industry on its logistics specialists. The partial digitalisation of measures through implementation in a training course with VR offers several advantages. These include the fact that it is not tied to a specific location, the training is more efficient due to the individualised learning pace and the the learning experience has a positive impact on the motivation of the employees, which has been shown in studies. The programme can be used to introduce inexperienced students or employees to the topics of goods receiving and quality control.

Our focus on quality 

In the pursuit of the highest product quality, we have made the conscious decision to subject our products to the requirements of official tests. We are proud that InGo 2023 has been awarded the prestigious seal 'Software Made in Germany'.

You can find more information in our product sheets, which are available for download below.