Variable Running Gear

The Idea of the Variable Running Gear

Concept Vehicle with Variable Running Gear
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In the field of naval engineering the principle of the new drive concept has long been known as the »Voith-Schneider-Propeller«. Out of this a flat-deck running gear was developed to achieve speed vectors with any direction. Due to a high maneuverability which has great similarities to an hovercraft and the high load capacity, the running gear is particularly suited for automated guided transport systems as well as ground conveyors which have enhanced requirements on mobility and loading capacity.

First of all based on our first concept idea two small-sized model vehicles were built. This concept enables complicated driving maneuvers like rotations about the vertical vehicle axis and the traversing (crap steering) in any direction. The object of the current research project is to make the design and the layout for the running gear »controllable« to a ground conveyor. Link to further information about the running gear.