LOCATIVE® - Low Cost Automated Guided Vehicle

© Fraunhofer IML
© Fraunhofer IML

Fraunhofer IML developed a new prototype of a material handling system - the  Low Cost Automated Guided Vehicle »LOCATIVE®«. The acquisition costs are very low. These automated guided vehicles are designed according to a modular principle - and various elements can be integrated - not only in the construction. Therefore the vehicle is an ideal experimental subject for research and teaching.


»LOCATIVE®« is flexible...


...regarding construction

By means of a self-supporting, simple structured chassis the casing of the »LOCATIVE®« can be constructed as an injection molding component or as a deep-drawing component. For the production of the casing of the prototype a Rapid Prototyping process (SLS - Selective Laser Sintering) has been used.

The first base class consists of an aluminium-welded construction . It can be replaced by an injection molding component in a next stage. The »LOCATIVE®« is equipped with a load handling device with dimensions of 30 x40 centimeters and therefore it is designed for small load carriers Since the components of the AGV are replaceable, base plates of different sizes can be installed.


...regarding movement

The drive concept is based on a so called tricycle kinematics with differential drive and an oscillating axle with castor wheels, which ensure a permanent road contact of the driving wheels and the castor wheels.

Furthermore, in addition to the straight line and the cornering, a rotation around the center of the drive axle is possible.

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