MultiShuttle - Automated Container Storage Technique

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The department Machines and Facilities at Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) deals with all aspects of conveyor and storage technique and is persistently in search of ideas for new solutions in this field.

One idea was the vision of a »rolling crate«, where the container moves independently from the transport source to the sink.

The idea matured on its way from first thoughts over test samples and prototypes and is now distributed by the company Dematic as a standardized product with the name MultiShuttle.

It represents a container storage and transport system with autonomously moving, railbound vehicles.

The MultiShuttle system could acquire a market share based on its novel attributes.

Especially the applicability in various applications and scenarios without extensive adjustments of mechanics and control has turned out to be advantageous.

The stocking and storing performance of the MultiShuttle is scalable in wide ranges and outperforms conventional storage and retrieval vehicles with this attribute.