Cellular Transportation Systems

The Idea of the MultiShuttle Move

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Due to its features the container storage system »MultiShuttle« which was designed at Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics has developed to a successful product.

The significant value of a warehouse system is not only the storage and retrieval rate, but also the correct sequence in which the containers reach the destination.  Pre-storage areas with conventional steady conveyor techniques often require a greater effort during planning and realization.

Out of the idea to optimise this area resulted the »MultiShuttle Move«, which was developed with the collaboration of the company Dematic as well as the »MultiShuttle«. Compared with the MultiShuttle vehicle, the »MultiShuttle Move« has a floor chassis and an innovative navigation system. As a result it has the full functionality of an AGV and is able to move without guidelines or other fixed marks. This system allows to minimize the permanently installed conveyor technology and maximize the flexibility at the same time.