Automatic Car Parking

An Innovative New System with Automated Guided Vehicles Improves Space Utilisation

Automated Guided Vehicle with Car
© Fraunhofer IML

A joint development project by the start-up company Serva Transport Systems, Bernau, and the Fraunhofer IML has developed an automated parking system for cars.

Unlike previous automated parking systems, the new system does not require any structural fittings such as rails, racks, etc. It can therefore be used in – and most importantly subsequently added to – any conventional indoor car park. The procedure (patent pending) consists of free-moving, variable-length automated guided vehicles (AGV) with laser navigation and laser sensors for measuring the cars, allowing the AGV to load and transport cars automatically.

Reductions in the area required for driving manoeuvres and the small clearances between the automatically parked cars can enable an increase of up to 40 % in the use of space capacity compared to that in conventional indoor car parks. Using multiple AGV simultaneously can also increase overall efficiency.