hazardous goods management

Hazardous material and dangerous goods management


Hazardous materials and goods occupy an elementary role in the company regarding environmentally relevant issues, as they influence all company processes from procurement to disposal. The hazardous nature of the materials must already be considered when selecting raw materials, auxiliary materials and working materials.. The group of hazardous material continues to grow as a result of constantly tightening legislation.

Every dangerous good of a company must inevitably be produced, transported and stored beforehand. Transport and storage in particular present special challenges due to the need to integrate and comply with existing standards and guidelines. Our experienced consultants in the field of hazardous goods management accompany and support you in the development of your hazardous goods concept, the identification of legal requirements and the implementation of hazardous goods management in your company.


Our services


The structured approach of our consultants in the field of hazardous goods management guarantees the fulfilment of high standards and ensures successful consulting. The qualification level of the employees in the company is fundamental for the effectiveness of dangerous goods management. Therefore, the following points require special consideration:

- Consulting in the field of dangerous goods management

- Capture and analysis of the current status of dangerous goods in the company

- Audit and specification of law-consistent dangerous goods processes and assurance of Europe-wide legal conformity

- Identification of legal requirements and preparation of legal cadastres

- Implementation of dangerous goods management workshops

All in all, we provide you self-contained and individually tailored consulting services that ensure continuous improvement in your company and achieves a growing business success. Through a target-oriented training we prepare you to handle legal foundations and requirements regarding hazardous material and dangerous goods and enable you to implement them in compliance with the law.

Together with our consultants, you can tailor the content and duration as well as the venue (internal/external) to your individual requirements and desires.