risk management

Risk management ensures sustainable business success


In global markets, local events can have a global impact. Therefore, every company that aims to be successful in the market in the long term and wants to seize opportunities systematically has to deal with risks. This also includes IT risks such as cyber attacks and data theft, and compliance risks such legal sanctions or financial losses due to violations of laws, internal regulations or industry-specific regulations. Flexible and proactive risk management and compliance management minimize risk and reduce compliance violations. This ensures and maximizes business success in the long term.


Our services


We will be happy to support you in setting up a tailor-made risk and compliance management system in order to create suitable organisational structures to protect your corporate assets. We are are available as your contact partner  for the following consulting services:

- Support in the development of a risk management strategy to identify and manage risks and to reduce the uncertainty of decisions

- Risk scan: Identification and evaluation of risk potentials

- Risk Navigator: Formulation of a Risk Strategy

- Risk cockpit: Establishment of a risk-based decision-making process

- Support in setting up a risk management system according to ISO 31000 and ONR 49000 et seq.

- Identification of security-relevant business processes and assessment of compliance r  risks

- Ensuring conformity with laws and regulations

- Support in the optimization of processes through an active compliance management system

- Workshops and training sessions on risk and compliance management

Our services and products assist you to establish an effective and efficient management system that is adapted to your individual circumstances. This enables you to minimize risks and compliance violations in the long term and to maximize success. We provide you with professional support in dealing with risk and compliance.