Protecting natural resources and our planet

At present, more resources are consumed than available. If everyone in the world had the same lifestyle as people in large industrialized nations, we would need almost two Earths to cover the demand for resources every year. The issue of sustainability becomes more relevant every day.

To preserve our limited resources, we need more innovations for sustainable action and more efficient economic activity. How can the economic, ecological or social aspects of sustainability be brought together in order to act resource-efficient and successful?


Sustainability through digitalization

The solution lies in the digital approach. During the life cycle of products, plant and infrastructure facilities a lot of data is already collected and saved. These data sets are usually highly dispersed and therefore not always immediately available, but they could be easily used for further process.  This is where the sustainability dashboard comes into play. All this data can be brought together and shared within and across companies as well as be evaluated by algorithms. With the help of digital tools such as AI and blockchain, relevant data volumes are translated into concrete recommendations for more sustainable action. The focus lies on the many aspects that influence sustainability, such as processes in operations, energy management, materials, logistics or waste flows. The sustainability dashboard could be used in these sectors to help compare facilities, derive best practices, extend product life cycles or close material cycles.


Data-driven Sustainability

While the sustainability dashboard is only a vision for now, the following video elaborates on how the implementation of existing data sets in this digital approach would look like.

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