PhD School of Logistics

This year’s Summer School of the Graduate School of Logistics will take place from September 4 to 8, 2017 at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics in Dortmund. The focus is on ‘Interdisciplinary Science’. Participants from different countries and disciplines, international scientists and experts from Center of Excellence Logistics and IT work together intensively for one week. Theory becomes practice.

Following the mission statement of the Graduate School of Logistics, the program provides a balanced mix of theoretical foundations and practical implementation. In addition to keynotes, we offer hands-on workshops in the laboratories of Fraunhofer IML and a Live Case Study in a Company. You will act in interdisciplinary groups, create new ideas and work on concrete examples from the business world.



The Live Case Study combines an excursion to a company, with expert interviews and the possibility to work on a concrete problem. Digitalization or “Industry 4.0” stands for networking, new technologies and exchange across departments and disciplines. In our Live Case Study we live Industry 4.0 and develop five solution concepts in five teams. The company will award the best concept.

In the Design Thinking Workshop, we go one step further. Here, concrete ideas for common scientific papers and innovative products will be developed. Particularly brilliant ideas have the possibility to be promoted through the Digital Hub Logistics. In addition, the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT provides an ideal network for joint publications.

International guests will present the topics Collaborative Research, Digital Business Engineering and Digital Transformation, Gamification, Operations Management and Simulation from the USA, Sweden, Spain and Germany. In addition, we will offer an Escape Game.



The PhD School of Logistics offers a network of international doctoral students and international scientist from the logistics sector. All participants will be members of the network and can benefit from cooperation and exchange.


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