LOCATIVE - Low Cost Automated Guided Vehicle

This new automated guided vehicle (AGV) is designed according to a modular principle.
Chassis, load handling device, control or communication can be composed of various components and can be adapted to the respective demand.
Furthermore the low cost of materials are convincing: The version of the prototype costs round about 1000 Euro.

The »LOCATIVE« is equipped with a load handling device with the dimensions 30 x 40 centimeters as well as the body that can be constructed optionally as an injection moulding component or as a deep-drawing component.
Thereby it is designed for small load carriers. Since the components of the AGV are replaceable, base plates of different sizes can be installed.
The drive concept is based on a so called tricycle kinematics with differential drive and an oscillating axle with castor wheels, which ensures a permanent road-contact of the driving wheels and the castor wheels.
Furthermore, in addition to the straight line and the cornering, a rotation around the center of the drive axle is possible.
Controlled by a 32-Bit-Microcontroller, the LOCATIVE can cope with all simple transportation assignments of the Cellular Facility Logistics.
The modular principle applies here as well: The control is expandable and operates both with and without a real-time operating system. Infrared sensors measure the distance to objects of the environment and as a result collisions are avoided. Its robust optical system enables the Automated Guided Vehicle to follow the guideline whose color is contrasting to the environment.

We gladly integrate your individual ideas in the LOCATIVE-platform as well– no matter if you like to apply different positioning systems and navigation systems, radio technologies or another control system.