Smart bed

Smart bed - the intelligent hospital bed

Smart devices are changing tomorrow’s world of work. In the healthcare branch, smart devices support hospital staff in carrying out their work.

The Fraunhofer IML has developed a smart device for the hospital bed in cooperation with Stiegelmeyer GmbH & Co. KG. As part of the BMBF-funded transfer project, a smart label was produced for the optimized organization of support processes at the bedside. The department "Automation and Embedded Systems" was involved in the development in cooperation with the department "Health Care Logisitcs".

Nurses can use the smart label at the bed to enter their orders with little effort. For example, the bed cleaning, the defect report of the bed or the change of linen are triggered with a click and automatically forwarded to the responsible transport service or cleaner via a scheduling software.

The smart bed label is equipped with an energy-saving e-ink display and impresses with its intuitive and simple user interface. The use of beacons with Bluetooth Low Energy technology allows the system to be located inside the hospital. This eliminates the need to search for hospital beds.

– in cooperation with the department »Health Care Logistics«