The requirements for a digital assistance system can be very diverse. The main task is to transmit the relevant picking information with the general objective of maximizing picking and minimizing possible picking errors. A number of established stationary and mobile solutions exist on the market and in the field that do just this. Both bring their advantages and disadvantages.

»mika« combines the strengths of a permanently installed system with those of a mobile picking assistant. The employee logs on to a mika shuttle via facial recognition, for example, and is guided through the picking order via the system. To do this, the shuttle moves automatically and horizontally along a rail on the shelf and shows the employee on the display from which compartment he should remove which item.

The display is localized via markers on the track, which, together with the power supply, can simply be hooked into shelving units and is thus immediately available. Using a scanner glove, the employee can scan the removed articles and transmit each removal wirelessly to »mika«. In addition, the system offers the possibility of using several displays on one rail without the travel distances of the displays overlapping - the order is simply passed on from one display to the other.

Another advantage is that with »mika«, employees do not need any additional devices such as data glasses or handhelds, so they can move around freely while working.