The requirements within the packaging process are constantly increasing. On the one hand, this is due to the continuing increase in online retailing, and on the other hand to the growing variety of packaging options. As a result, a lot of air is often transported and transport space is poorly utilized. The »passt« system addresses these challenges. In particular, the space in the truck can be used more efficiently through improved packaging, so that the optimization has both ecological and economic effects on transport.

At Fraunhofer IML, the PUZZLE® software was developed for optimizing the packaging process. It can be fed dynamically with a wide variety of parameters and packing instructions and then outputs a packing scheme that is as optimal as possible. »passt« takes this data and visualizes the calculated packing scheme as packing instructions for the employee - intuitively and unambiguously.


The core idea of the development is to provide a digital assistant that can be integrated into the packaging workplace and does not require any costly hardware components. Another requirement is that the packer should not have to carry heavy equipment on his head or hold it in his hands. Visualization of the packaging instructions is to take place via simple light signals in the periphery of the shipping carton or pallet. »passt« works for this with robust and inexpensive light strips.


The work instruction, which object is to be packed next, takes place via an integrated or separate display. The identification of the corresponding objects can be done via an integrated scanner module or a standard barcode scanner. The system also features sensor technology for easy measurement of packages and cardboard boxes and can be integrated quickly and easily into existing processes and IT systems.