Bin:Go® – The rolling transport drone

Drones in industrial use have been under discussion for some time. In the field of logistics in particular, there are already various pilot projects exploring possible areas of application for drones. They offer new possibilities for logistics handling for both external and internal transport. However, drones have very high energy requirements and must operate spatially separated from humans for safety reasons.


Bin:Go®, on the other hand, rolls the majority of the time, making it much more energy efficient. In addition, the circumferential struts protect both the rotors inside and the employees. This makes it possible to have multiple Bin:Go® and humans working together in one area.

Bin:Go® is used for the internal transport of small, lightweight goods. After generating a transport order, the goods to be transported are placed in Bin:Go® and the destination data is transferred. Bin:Go® then autonomously finds its way to the destination, where the goods can be removed. The transport is primarily carried out by means of floor-based rolling of the drone. In addition, Bin:Go® can bridge height differences, overcome potential obstacles and autonomously store itself in high rack levels. Differences in height downwards are bridged on rails, driven by gravity and self-sufficient in terms of energy.


The resulting flexibility and scalability represent a significant advantage over competing technologies such as conveyor systems or pneumatic tube systems. In addition, Bin:Go® requires significantly less maintenance. The low weight and protective cage ensure a safe process flow.