Block It

Block It – Automated Ground Bulk Warehouse

Automated Ground Bulk Warehouse for Palletized Piece Goods
© Fraunhofer IML
Automatisches Bodenblocklager für palettierte Stückgüter
© Fraunhofer IML

This automated ground bulk warehouse for palletized piece goods was developed with the objective of an economical automation of conventional ground bulk warehouses in the context of a research project.

The innovative warehouse system connects the main features of a ground bulk warehouse with the main features of a flow rack. Similar as with flow storage systems, the Block-It-system combines the functions storing and conveying. Storage compulsory takes place on First-In-First-Out principle.

To reduce the system costs the system mainly consists of passive conveyor technique-components. Then innovative rope drive which was developed especially for the Block-It-system leads to a further cost reduction for the drive engineering. The storage almost at ground level is possible as the height of the lowest unit load is only 80 mm. Besides the omission of storage aisles makes the system an exceptionally space saving block storage. Another benefit of this solution which was developed by the Fraunhofer IML is the realisation of an electronic warehouse management as well as the traceability of warehouse inventory without any problems.