Autonomous Storage Vehicle

In addition to the dominating developments in the range of container storage technology Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics developed different innovative pallet storage systems which are usable for applications that cannot be covered with conventional storage techniques, e.g. rack feeders.

One example is the Autonomous Storage Vehicle System. It was developed as an alternative to the automated operation of warehouses with individual access. It can be used in combination with static racks as well as with mobile racks. The central component, the compact storage vehicle, works with telescopic forks that access the pallet sideways. The vehicle runs in U-sections which serve as a running rail and at the same time as the anterior pallet stop in the rack frame. At the time of its development it was the only solution for the fully automatic operation of mobile racks, which enable a compact storage. In contrast to channel storage systems with underride-vehicles or gravity roller conveyors the system allows direct access to each pallet without restorage. It was realised with wired storage vehicles as well as with autonomously driving vehicles, even in the explosion protection area.