AGV Conference - FTS-Fachtagung

AGV Conference and AGV Trade Exhibition

AGV Conference 2014, Auditorium
© Fraunhofer IML

On September 24th, 2014 the Fraunhofer IML hosted the renowned »Automated Guided Vehicle« (AGV) conference, the FTS-Fachtagung. The event was a great success. Nearly 200 visitors at the sell-out trade exhibition learned about the latest developments in the sector at 24 different stands
and in a wide range of papers. The slogan for the event was »Intelligent processes by the use of AGVs - efficient and flexible« (»Intelligente Prozesse durch FTS - effizient und flexibel«).

The Automated Guided Vehicles Conference - FTS-Fachtagung is held every two years, and had previously been hosted by the University of Hanover and the University of Duisburg. It is now the leading industry event in the transportation control system sector. Both companies and individuals involved with or already using this technology, and those interested in using it in the future, will find the conference an excellent information platform. It brings together AGV and component manufacturers, planners and consultants from the intralogistics sector and various research institutes. The conference is organised by the Forum-FTS and the AGV Committee of the German Association of Engineers (VDI-Fachausschuss FTS), and was set up by the latter.

AGV Trade Exhibition 2014

In the »ZFT« research hall of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics companies presented their innovations in the field of Automated Guided Vehicles during the AGV Conference.

AGV Conference

In the auditorium of the new »LogistikCampus« building of the Technical University of Dortmund the AGV Conference was held with informative themes from praxis and research.