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What is lean management?

The basic idea of lean management is used to derive potential for improvement and carry out optimisations. The sub-areas of lean management must be viewed as a whole in order to generate synergy effects through interactions between the individual areas and thus ensure continuous improvement throughout the company.

What is lean logistics?

Lean logistics serves as an instrument for generating an optimally interlinked supply chain in order to ensure short response times to rapidly changing customer requirements. In addition to the standardisation of all logistics processes, the transfer of information is extremely important in order to minimise waste and work efficiently and flexibly.

What does lean warehousing mean?

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Lean warehousing utilises the core elements of classic lean management and transfers them to warehouse processes in intralogistics. Due to the constantly changing economic environment, lean warehousing represents a holistic approach to fulfilling the diverse requirements in logistics. The main focus here is on avoiding waste and utilising existing employee potential in the warehouse in order to promote a continuous improvement process.



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