Lean Logistics

The goal of the lean philosophy is to optimize productivity, quality, time, costs, and safety. Here, under the holistic approach of people, technology and organization, waste is uncovered, and inefficiencies and productivity losses are presented. The foundation for this is the stability and standardization of processes, which eliminates activities that do not add value and aims at an efficient use of resources.

Fraunhofer IML supports you with competent consulting services. With Lean Logistics, we convey the concept of lean thinking and help you to transfer methods and tools to your logistics processes and operations.

Using a coaching approach, we work with you to develop a unique lean strategy that encourages employee buy-in and participation. The focus is on breaking out of entrenched thinking patterns and developing new, creative solutions in a structured way. We work with your staff to identify current inefficiencies and provide the necessary Lean Logistics skills to identify waste and develop value-added solutions.

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The Lean Logistics Network

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The networking of companies in the current economic world, which is characterized by increasing customer orientation, innovative developments, and global competition, is becoming increasingly important. As a platform for the exchange of experiences and for networking, the Lean Logistics Network offers the optimal opportunity to stay up to date in the field of Lean.

The Lean Logistics Network offers you an exchange and meeting with experts and practitioners. Build your own network of other Lean professionals and find business connections to collaborate on Lean solutions. Engage in discussions with other participants on current issues in your logistics environment. In this network, you will receive up-to-date information on findings in the field of Lean Logistics and the Fraunhofer IML in Dortmund (Germany).