OTD-Game - The Individual Business Game for Companies for the Order Processing Process

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The Fraunhofer IML developed a simulation game for the education and training of managers. During the game the players are sensitized for causal connections within complex order processing. For example the player has to plan and control the production of a vehicle for the period of two years. In the process they are confronted with realistic decision making situations in strategic and operative questions. Besides regular planning the players also have to react to different exceptional situations.

Decisions are dynamically simulated and evaluated with the aid of the tool OTD-NET. The simulation allows a determined analysis of interdependencies of decisions on part processes of the entire order processing process.

The open architecture of the business game OTD-Game makes it possible to adapt the contents of the game to the company and the focus of the workshop. The simulation tool OTD-NET and the framework OTD-Assist are the technological basis.

The OTD-Game is already successfully used for management trainings by different automotive manufacturers.

Fields of Application

The business game OTD-Game enables our customers to train their employees and managers in process orientation of the order processing process. During the game the participants get to know different functional areas of their company and are sensitized for holistic consequences of local decisions. The conceptual approach of the OTD-Game creates the following benefit aspects:

  • Development of individual business game landscapes for companies: The OTD-Game is developed individually for every company. The depicted processes and background information are realized realistically. Therefore participants can immediately identify with the game world and get to know the fundamental questions of the order processing processes as well as different areas of the company.
  • Dynamic simulation-based evaluation of the game: Participants change a simulation model of the company with their decisions. This allows a holistic valuation of decisions and illustrates interdependencies. Thus participants are sensitized for processes of the order processing that are outside of their area. Process orientation is also trained in the game.
  • Solutions from a single source: Besides the development of an individual OTG-Game, we offer the conduction and moderation of workshops. You can choose if you would like you own coaches to conduct the workshops or a full package including amongst other things the development, maintenance and conduction of workshops.

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