The project L4MS (Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs), funded by the European Commission, started on October 1, 2017. The aim of the project is to digitise intralogistics automation in factories so that suppliers of automation and logistics solutions can develop up to ten times faster and cheaper than at current prices.

L4MS enables flexible and agile logistics automation for small series, which is to be achieved by robotics and other advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtualization.

Through the comprehensive platform for intralogistics “OPIL” and an external 3D-, highly autonomous, configurable and hybrid (human-robot) logistics solutions can be enabled. Thus, no infrastructure changes, production downtimes or internal know-how are necessary anymore.


In order to be able to implement the use of new technologies in SMEs, a number of challenges have to be overcome. These include the productivity challenge, the flexibility challenge, the investment challenge and the Skills & Competence challenge.

To meet these challenges, L4MS aims to provide an integrated and pan-European ecosystem and unleash the innovation potential of the manufacturing industry (especially SMEs and midcap companies).

As part of an accelerator program, the L4MS Marketplace will act as a one-stop-shop for producing SME, collecting a “catalogue of services”that will then be offered by the L4MS network.

The L4MS Marketplace connects mid-sized and mid-cap companies with automation solution providers.


L4MS is starting an Open Call for application experiments of SMBs and Mid-Cap companies. The experiments should confirm whether the platform really helps to reduce installation, deployment and configuration by a factor. The AEs will be performed using the OPIL integration platform and the 3D simulator.

Who can apply?

The following companies and other members of the automation value chain may submit proposals as individuals or as a group.
A matchmaking service is offered for applicants who are looking for partners.

- Manufacturing companies SMEs and Mid-Caps

- Providers of automation solutions, software developers, system integrators

- Manufacturer of mobile robots, sensors and devices

- centres of excellence

- Digital Innovation Centres (DIHs)

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