"The digitalisation of the maritime economy requires a good network"

Otto Klemke, Computer Scientist


The start-up company NautilusLog has been working on the digitisation of shipping for two years now. For the maritime industry, however, cooperation with founders is uncharted territory. This is why the cooperation with renowned scientific institutions like  Fraunhofer is so important for NautilusLog founder Otto Klemke.

NautilusLog supports shipping as a digital logbook and in ship reporting on mobile devices. The aim is to push ahead with the digitization of shipping, optimize everyday processes in ship operation and help shape the digital economy. About one and a half years ago, the NautilusLog App was first used and successfully tested on board of a container ship during a voyage from Hamburg to Rotterdam. The maritime sector, however, is a market that has had no contact whatsoever with start-ups in recent years. Certainly, trust can be built when a young company cooperates with scientific institutions. Such cooperation is well received by players in the shipping industry as it guarantees quality.

For a company like NautilusLog, the benefit of a network is not only about marketing but also about a much more exciting area: the further development of the product. In the meantime, NautilusLog has been involved in numerous research projects with Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics in Dortmund and Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML in Hamburg, which is part of Fraunhofer IML. In an international research project, NautilusLog will serve as a demonstrator for networking a smart ship with a smart port. In addition, NautilusLog cooperates with another start-up, a spin-off of Fraunhofer IML, in the field of personnel planning on ships. And last but not least, the master thesis of a NautilusLog employee is supervised by Fraunhofer CML.

The partnership with the Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg also gives NautilusLog a boost: the network has already produced numerous links for cooperation with other start-ups but also with established industrial companies. It is of mutual benefit. The twin hub of the Hamburg-based company, the Digital Hub Logistics in Dortmund, opened a new chapter in the history of the company: winning the Digital Logistics Award, which has been offered as a reward by the Dortmund hub for two years now, makes NautilusLog even more flexible and faster. It only rarely happens in the scene that a start-up company is able to do as it wants with the prize money - here 30,000 euros.

Important milestone reached

Step by step, NautilusLog will continue to develop its app and new applications together with its network. The campaign for trust comes to fruition: a new application, the "Inventory of Hazardous Material", abbreviated to IHM, is currently being launched at a shipping company with more than 50 ships. NautilusLog has reached an important milestone in its young company history with that.



Otto Klemke, computer scientist, is one of four founders of the Hamburg start-up NautilusLog. 



Tracking and reporting in one app

NautilusLog provides a digital platform for controlled data exchange and combines the features "Ship Tracking" and "Ship Reporting" in one app. The difference to the traditional logbook: data collection via the NautilusLog App is automatic or event-based by means of a proactive and task-specific reminder function to take the pressure of the crew. For this purpose, the app uses the sensors already existing in the smartphone. NautilusLog also makes an important contribution to the protection of the environment: by recording CO2 emissions, shipping companies are also supported in green shipping.

More information about the company can be found on www.nautiluslog.com.

First prize at the Digital Logistics Award

With their event-based app for tracking, reporting, and collaboration between "ship & shore" NautilusLog recently won 30,000 euros at the Digital Logistics Award of the Digital.Hub Logistics Dortmund. See more information here