Digital Logistics Award 2020

Finalists 2020


#1 Neohelden GmbH

A Start-up with 15 employees from Germany (Karlsruhe), founded in 2018. They want to pursue new ways of logistics, especially in the area of the delivery process.

Product/Service: Neo the digital AI-assistant for Business

With Neo, users can interact with all their tools using a single interface. Neo can be customized by the costumers and is a cross-plattform App. You can interact via voice or text.  Neo is powered by a Conversational AI so the system will be optimized by continuous use.


#2 Auve Tech

Auve Tech is a Start-up founded in 2018 in Estonia. They want to revolutionize the future of transit worldwide.

Product/Service: Iseauto for autonomous transit

An electric autonomous shuttle for last-mile transit, for different environments and multiple applications that can be used for on-demand service or pre-defined bus stops. In addition to the shuttle, they provide a full-scope service including set-up, fleet management, maintenance and support. The manufacturing and development of the vehicles is done in-house.


#3 Everstox

Start-up from Munich, Germany, founded 2019. They want to make first-class distribution accessible for independent businesses of any size to compete in logistics with giants like Amazon.

Product/Service: everstox - The first API-driven platform for warehousing & fulfillment

The platform enables independency for merchants & logistics providers, offers one dashboard for

real-time control and smart analytics and turns warehousing & fulfillment into a flexible service.



Start-up from Cologne, Germany, founded 2018. They want to reinvent warehouse worker documentation, training, and operations. They are helping companies to increase safety and compliance as well as productivity and quality.

Product/Service: is a digital coach for training and performance support of manual workers — in occupational policies and health and safety induction trainings as well as standard operating procedures at a work instructions level including an automatic translation in more than 20 languages. It enables hands-free self-training via voice control with quick onboarding and step-by-step instructions.


#5 WAKU Robotics GmbH

The Warehouse Automation Provider is a Start-up founded in 2019 from Berlin, Germany. They stand for facilitating the whole robot automation journey.



WAKU Robotics is a supplier-independent, SaaS-enabled procurement platform for mobile robots for warehouse and factory operators. The Plattform makes the traditional B2B salesman of robot solutions obsolete and simplified the whole selection and implementation process of robot solutions.


#6 Boxwise

A Start-up from Rotterdam, Netherlands, founded 2019. The logistics of giving things away is even more

complex than selling them, so they decided to revolutionize the humanitarian sector by making aid delivery - and its associated logistics - work for everyone. Boxwise was founded to improve warehouse operations, to get critical goods to people quickly and to promote fairness and transparency in distribution during refugee crisis.

Product/Service: BOXTRIBUTE

An online platform for mobiles and laptops that allows organizations to run a warehouse, manage inventory, register and understand beneficiary demographics and consumption needs, to use a token-based ‘free shop’ as a distribution channel and all of this, with no special equipment needed.


#7 gapcharge

gapcharge develops smart fleet charging solutions and is a Start-up from Duisburg, Germany, founded this year. They want to make logistics smart and wireless. 

Product/Service: gapecharge

gapecharge is a wireless charging system for logistics and light electric vehicles – f.e. logistics scooters. The system works similar to cooking on an induction stove or charging an electric toothbrush and can transfer energy over the air. The technology integrates a fleet management.


#8 Fillics 

Fillics, a Start-up from Munich, founded 2019, Germany, wants to innovate intralogistics with a smart, future-oriented solution. They are going to create the standard for ground-based pallet transport.

Product/Service: Fillics

Fillics is an innovative automatic guided vehicle for intralogistical pallet transport. The vehicle is the most space efficient Transport-System with unrestricted freedom of movement, an autonomous 24/7 service, and 100% safety of persons and goods. In august the Start-up started the first pilot phase of the product.