Automated Guided Vehicles with Laser Navigation

Laser Navigation with LASSO®

More and more, driverless transport systems are becoming a key element in an economical automation solution. They take over, for example, the fully automatic transportation of pallets between production and storage areas.


Standard Solution: Inductive Guidance System

Induction loops can be embedded in the ground so that the vehicle can follow a pre-given route. However, if there are any new production processes or the route is changed or new, then the induction loops have to be re-embedded.


Laser Navigation with LASSO®: the Flexible Solution

A laser sensor (LASSO®), mounted on the vehicle, detects fixed reflection tags which are mounted on, for example, the walls of the warehouse. This results in the constant determination of the current position of the vehicle and the yaw angle.

The newest generation of the laser sensor LASSO-SI is equipped with simple serial interfaces. As a result, LASSO-SI can be adapted to any vehicle control system.

Areas of Application