Evaluation Lean Logistics Administration

Evaluation Lean Logistics Administration

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People are talking about lean management. It began in the automotive industry and has expanded into a variety of other industries and business sectors. There is a clear progression into the area of administration. Fraunhofer IML has set itself the goal of researching the degree of implementation in the respective companies as a result of this new development. This is the first step toward establishing Lean Logistics Administration for evaluation.

A specifically developed phase model based on Fraunhofer IML project experiences serves as a benchmark for the degree of implementation. In the respective phase, suitable methods are saved.

One of the five model phases is the sensitization phase. The 5S method is used as an orientation for the respective phase classification in this case, among other things. The questionnaire includes examples of key figures and empirical values from the companies surveyed to improve the quality of results even further. The survey´s goal is to identify success factors for the efficient implementation and further development of Lean Logistics Administration in order to simplify future implementations.

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