Precise investigation of future demands and capacities using individually configurable IT-solutions

Based on our planning software OTD-NET and extensive logistical expertise, we offer you tailor-made solutions for support in demand and capacity management

A precise determination of future demand, especially of products with many variants is essential for an efficient design of logistics and product capacities as well as for negotiations on supplier contracts.

The Supply Chain Engineering department has created an extensive portfolio of innovative IT solutions for this purpose as part of many years of cooperation with large companies from the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering and consumer goods industries.
Depending on the use case and requirements, we offer you the development of different architectures and functionalities. An implementation as an Excel tool as well as a central IT system with web user interface are possible.  

We offer

  • Systems for the primary requirements planning for products and product properties. Combination of all product master data and configuration rules to examine planning data for validation and consistency
  • Precise determination of secondary requirements. For products with many variants, generation of planning orders that are close to reality and include configuration rules and correlations of properties. Fast bill explosion due to pre-optimization of rules
  • Order scheduling considering restrictions
  • Analysis of data inconsistencies and bottlenecks as well as their causes and identification of possible countermeasures
  • Flexible dimension of systems, variable range of functions, flexible integration in existing processes and IT solutions. Realization as an Excel tool as well as a central IT system with web user interface

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