Lean Production

Lean production processes as a competitive advantage

Holistic analysis and redesign of your production according to the design principles of lean production: We offer you professional guidance in the selection and implementation of lean production methods that support the company's long-term success by being embedded in a holistic production system.


For us, "optimizing production intelligently" means holistically analyzing your production in the context of your options and goals. Many restructuring approaches are only applied to a small area; they lack a holistic character.
With our approach, the analysis of a production system with regard to the allocation of products to equipment and their flow-oriented arrangement in the layout, the assignment of sequences and the consequent adjustment of inventories, throughput times, utilization rates as well as lot sizes, embedded in a proven phase model, we provide a reliable and holistic course of action and will take your production and your employees to a new level of efficiency and quality. 
Our holistic approach also includes production supply and disposal: Efficient production is frequently associated with spatial compression of the value creation process. In addition, the required demand- and sequence-based provision of materials in production places increased demands on upstream and downstream logistics. To ensure that your efficiency gains in production will not be canceled out by the increased effort expended on in-house logistics, we continue supporting you with the rolling out of lean principles via intelligent logistics solutions along the value chain.

Lean Production Simulation

On the basis of a specific application example, your employees will get to know the different design approaches of lean production and will be able to test this out in practical applications. In several rounds of simulations, potential problems are identified, their causes analyzed, and subsequently optimized.

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