Lean Production Simulation

Lean Production Simulation

The success of a profound change in the organization, such as one which takes place through the application of the methods of lean management, is crucially dependent on the conviction of all those involved. In order to successfully implement the change process, it is therefore essential that all company employees are convinced about the advantages of the target condition.

The lean production simulation helps to plausibly simulate these complex processes and relationships and, through a high participation commitment, helps to increase the participants' acceptance and identification with the means of change.

The benefits

  • Interactive imparting of the goal of lean production principles
  • Reduction of reservations through active discussion with experienced trainers from the Fraunhofer IML
  • Learning and experiencing lean production design approaches such as one-piece flow, Kanban or takt comparison
  • Increases participants' commitment to upcoming lean projects

Our approach

  • Presentation of the theoretical foundations of lean production and instruction of the participants (6 to 24 persons)
  • Three simulation rounds of a connector factory, each with subsequent group discussion
  • Optimization approaches are not predetermined, but developed independently
  • Concluding discussion on what can be carried over to participants’ own production situations