Use of alternative drive technologies for distribution

Sustainable store supply

Alternative drive technologies help to reduce emissions and noise and are suitable for the distribution of goods by retail companies and logistics service providers.

Local and regional transport in the textile industry can be made sustainable by using alternative drives, such as natural gas (CNG, LNG), hydrogen or electromobility.

By using electric trucks and low-noise handling equipment, transports can be planned during off-peak hours to avoid traffic jams and heavily congested transport infrastructures. This allows efficient tour planning and a higher utilization rate for the vehicle fleet. Transport planning combines new logistics concepts and technologies for city-friendly, efficient and environmentally sustainable logistics.

We develop feasible solutions in research and industry projects for textile transport logistics. Individual requirement profiles based on company key figures are used to define logistical and economic fields of application for the last mile. Technical feasibility, suitability of location and integration into existing logistics processes are examined and roll-out scenarios are developed.