Recycle clothes concept. Recycling box full of clothes.

Sustainable Textile Logistics

Sustainable Textile Logistics

Climate change, resource shortage, increasing energy prices are global topics textile and clothing enterprises have to face. The resulting change of political frame conditions and the growing environmental consciousness of society cause resource and energy efficiency to become an economic success factor.

Against this background the CTL Team at Fraunhofer IML successfully applies methods, concepts and techniques in industrial practice which allow to dissolve the tense atmosphere between economy and ecology. Additionally, we work on the further closing of material cycles and on ensuring their profitability by an efficient logistics.

We provide customized solutions for the following key topics in the textile and clothing sector:

  • Ecological and economic assessment (e.g. life cycle analysis, carbon footprint)
  • Conception of material and product take-back systems
  • Re-use and recycling strategies