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The electric micromobiles ordinance has come into force. And now what?

Now that the Ordinance on Electric Micro Vehicles (eKFV) has come into force in June 2019, local authorities are still facing a number of challenges, for example because it is not known how these new vehicles will affect and change the existing mobility system and how they will be integrated. Relevant open points from a municipal perspective include necessary agreements with sharing providers, for example to access their data so that analyses of the mobility behaviour of users can be carried out.

In order to successfully address these points, it is essential to exchange the relevant key players in this area. In particular, an exchange of information between the municipalities in order to coordinate accordingly in important areas. This can create a common knowledge base that enables local authorities to make informed decisions that simplify the use of e-Tretroller.

The aim of the project is to support the exchange between the municipalities by initiating regular communication in the form of "Round Tables Micro Mobility / E-Tretroller", to accompany this exchange and to prepare and coordinate the content of the basis for regular coordination.

In addition, an overview of e-scooter sharing providers will be created in the form of a profile and, in addition, profiles of micromobile vehicle types are going to be prepared.


Duration: June 2019 to January 2020

Client: ivm GmbH (Integrated Traffic and Mobility Management Region Frankfurt RhineMain)