Development of a Logistics Concept for Gerresheimer AG

Development of a Logistics Concept for Expanding Production Capacity at the Sites Pfreimd in Germany and Horšovský Týn in the Czech Republic

Clean Room in Pfreimd
© Gerresheimer AG

The Medical Plastic Systems business unit at Gerresheimer AG develops customised synthetics-based medical systems. Inhaler products, insulin pens for self-medication and rapid drug tests are produced in continuous and highly automated processes, for the most part in clean rooms. Partnership with the Fraunhofer IML was initially based at the central Gerresheimer site in Pfreimd. Following the success of the project, the developed procedure was then rolled out at the site in Horšovský Týn in the Czech Republic.

The starting point for consultation was the integration of additional production facilities and clean room stores at both sites, a necessary expansion in the light of increases in production. The overarching task was to analyse the planned logistical integration of the new buildings and draw up a transparent basis for planning subsequent design changes. Scenario-based output and capacity dimensioning was developed on the basis of a comprehensive material flow analysis. The storage space required was calculated in line with varying storage techniques and equipment and specified ranges. This data was then used to define the automation requirements in terms of material handling and picking technology.

A clear illustration of the project’s success is the fact that all proposed measures have been implemented. The plans are now to further pursue the project and explore and develop the findings in more depth. Potential areas of application include transport system dimensioning and the development of higher-level system variants.