digital planning support

The focus of digital planning support is on tailor-made optimisation solutions for your company.

Although there are numerous generic optimization methods in the academic world, they are not specialized to the company's own processes and requirements. In the case of complex planning problems, such as order scheduling, sequence planning, machine occupancy planning, resources or personnel deployment planning up to the entire production program planning, it is worthwhile to look for specialized optimization solutions in order to increase efficiency, decrease stress with the logistics planners and reduce costs.

How can we support you?

Logistic Assistance Systems (LAS) provide the basis for the development of customized optimization solutions by providing the logistics planner with the optimal IT resources in clearly defined processes.

Our approach is as follows:

Firstly, by using micro-services interfaces to the existing IT systems are created in order to obtain relevant data. Afterwards the data will be pre-processed so that they can be used in our optimization framework. In this framework, the optimization module is developed, tested and evaluated particularly for your company. After the optimization, the results can be evaluated using key figures or graphics and finally transferred back into the enterprise software.

The entire process can be monitored via a graphical user interface. This provides the logistics or production planner with continuous transparency about the decisions made during optimization.

Have we aroused your interest?

In addition, free capacities can be used, error messages can be detected early and the machine service life can be extended, so that an efficient process flow can be guaranteed and unplanned changes can be reacted to.

We develop key figure-oriented assistance systems for you which are tailored to the requirements of the existing IT infrastructure, analyse existing processes and optimise current systems. They thus provide a decision-making basis for your logistics planner.


Our services


The structured approach of our consultants in the field of digital assistance guarantees the fulfilment of high standards and ensures the consulting success. With the following services we support you in the realisation of digital planning support:

- Analysis of existing procedures and processes in your company

- Concept development and algorithm design

- Development of decision-supporting planning systems

- Development of key figures for the evaluation of decision alternatives


Your benefit


- Sound basis for decision-making in planning processes

- Efficient use of your resources

- Early detection of bottlenecks

- Flexible response to unplanned events