Performance analysis for the CargoCity South gate access

Fraport AG is responsible for ensuring that the infrastructure at the freight handling site at Frankfurt Airport suits the needs of their customers. To help avoid bottlenecks at the access gate to CargoCity South the freight forwarders and cargo handling agents that are located at that site demand for quick and easy registration processes.

The Fraunhofer IML Project Center Aviation Logistics used model calculations to compare the differences between the existing registration process and new registration processes. For this purpose, the project team developed a capacity model that depicts the registration process, the duties of the operating personnel, and the waiting times of the visitors. The team used this model to compare the current registration process with two other registration processes: an electronic registration process planned for 2004 and a drive through registration process for trucks that was proposed by customers. Apart from representative time-variation curves from 2003 to 2006 net process times and factors of influence for the selected registration processes were integrated in the model.

The results of the calculations show that resources will have to be adapted until 2006 to ensure that waiting times will still be short when the system is changed to a new electronic registration process. For visitors already registered the waiting times will be reduced by up to 20%. If the drive through registration process for trucks is adapted additional infrastructure measures and more operating personnel will be needed to ensure that the level of service is the same as it is now.

customer-oriented infrastructure

capacity optimization

model calculation

adaptation of resources