Feasibility study for sea-air traffic

In the scope of a feasibility analysis the Project Center Aviation Logistics of Fraunhofer IML studied the conditions for implementing an intermodal sea-air concept for Cairo Airport and different other Egyptian ports. This analysis was part of an extensive survey about sea-air traffics on behalf of Fraport AG.

The sea-air concept should be an alternative to the existing transshipping center Dubai and focus on the transport of containerised high-tech goods. Based on former concepts the traffic experts of Fraunhofer IML studied the just-in-time supply of European metropolises.
The survey started with an analysis of the freight volume between Asia and Europe and a
benchmarking of Dubai. For this purpose, the Fraunhofer team studied the local processes
and structures and pointed out potentials for optimization. An evaluation of the transport
capacities of all flight connections at Cairo Airport revealed the maximum transhipping volume. Based on the determined transport costs the sea-air concept of Cairo could be compared with other sites and traffic means if transports were only made by ship or aircraft. After having analysed the freight volume the Fraunhofer team was able
to specify the share which could be transferred to Cairo Airport.
The feasibility analysis furthermore included the basics of free trade and special economic zones and identified those value added services which could improve existing sea-air concepts.

Intermodal Sea-Air-concept

container transport

Analysis of freight

transport costs compared

implementation of value-added services