Research study on the feasibility of introducing electrical, autonomous vehicles for transport processes on the airport apron


The rapid growth of passenger and air freight traffic and the increasing shortage of skilled workers require new solutions to support the already overloaded infrastructures on the airport apron.

This study aims to provide a glimpse into the future of driverless transport systems and their potential for service and transport tasks on the airport apron. It is addressed equally to business, science and politics.

In order to illustrate the special features of the airport apron, the handling processes are first divided into transport and service processes and then described.

The main part of the study analyses the traffic on the apron according to its potential for automation. The analysis is carried out on the basis of quantitative data on passenger and freight volumes as well as on the basis of qualitative statements by experts from the research team and other stakeholders. The requirements which should be fulfilled for the initial use of FTS on the apron will be formulated in a specification sheet.

Finally, a fit-gap analysis is used to derive from the specification sheet those requirements which, based on the current state of the art, have not yet been sufficiently met. They serve as indicators for a further need for research and action as recommendations to politics, industry and science.

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