Cargo facilities at new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport

In the scope of a general planning of the air cargo facility at the new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport, the company Obermeyer Planen + Beraten subcontracted the Fraunhofer IML Project Center Aviation Logistics to define the functional and space requirements. With this evaluation Fraunhofer delivered the basis for the constructional and architectural planning database.

Fraunhofer IML defined the space and functional requirements by means of a market and competition survey. The future orientation and strategy of the air cargo center will be set under consideration of basic production and decisionmaking structures on the air cargo market as well as of the potentials of competing airports. For this purpose existing flight plans and forecasts concerning flight movements, aircraft designs, air cargo volumes and products will be checked with regard to plausibility and consistency.

To determine the required space and functions the logistic experts defined the on and off airport functions and processes relevant for the cargo handling. The space required for the on airport functions was determined according to the process requirements and current traffic forecasts.

According to the location and utilization concept an efficient and smooth operation should be guaranteed by the appropriate allocation of operating space on the ground and in the air. The concept is based on already allocated cargo locations as well as on future safety requirements. The construction should be divided into segments for the different competing or collaborating service providers. Furthermore, the center should also be open for alternative use and independent developments.

structural evaluation

Space and functional programs

Market and competitive analysis

Land and air side