Aircraft maintenance hangar - Masterplan and user requirement program

The Project Center Aviation Logistics of Fraunhofer IML developed a master plan for the headquarters of a Chinese freight airline on a new site. Besides defining the main functional areas the master plan comprises a business requirement statement. The document describes the requirements of a hangar, the adjacent workshops and additional infrastructure facilities.

The airfreight experts examined the optimal position of the maintenance complex as well as future expansion possibilities. Current tenants had to be considered as well as the possibilities to lease unused areas to third parties.

The Fraunhofer experts designed the maintenance complex on the basis of recommendations of the German parent company and under consideration of Chinese regulations. The planning is based on the forecasted growth of the airline and on a high flexibility with regard to the aircraft types to be expected in future.

The optimal design of the materials flow between warehouse, workshops and hangar under consideration of necessary security processes minimize waiting times and costs. The construction requirements and the equipment needed for the different functional areas and rooms resulted from functional correlations. An estimate of the building costs supplemented the user requirement program.

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user demand progarm

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third tier marketability

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