Accelerated export acceptance

This project was initiated by problems at the export acceptance of the Flughafen Frankfurt Main AG which frequently occured on Friday and Saturday. As a result of these peaktimes and a reduced availability of staff the forwarding agents had to wait an untolerable long time.

In order to solve this problem the airport company established a work team consisting of representatives of the forwarding agents, the carriers and the airlines. The Fraunhofer IML Project Center Aviation Logistics supported and lead the team during the elaboration of a package of measures and their implementation.

Based on workshops with the concerned, expert discussions, on site studies and evaluations of data of exemplary weekends the Fraunhofer IML analysed the causes and developed appropriate measures.

The proposes actions included the introduction of a slot plan for the long-distance trucks during the night, a coordinated control of all handling activities, an upstream information flow and an adapted staff capacity by the airport company.

These measures and their implementation were presented and described at a final workshop of the work team in order to encourage the participants to immediately adjust their handling processes. After an implementation phase of three weeks and a transition phase of two weeks the new procedures are successfully introduced and accepted in the day by day operation.

export acceptance

long distance trucking

unnecessary waiting times


slot plan & action plan