EffizienzCluster - Integrated Air Cargo Hub (IACH)

At major international airports, various land and air transportation networks for passenger and air cargo transportation are linked together. Nowadays the role of international airports as major nodes within the transport chain, between the production and its international marketplaces, becomes increasingly important, especially for transporting high-quality, urgent cargo. The air cargo transport chain is characterized by a labor divided but collaborative organization. However, the companies involved, are still planning and optimizing their individual processes independently.

Gaps within the information flow and the lack of system interfaces lead to inefficiencies. The performance of the system as a whole will improve by comprehensive solutions, while lowering use of resources and strengthening the competiveness of the whole economic region.

IACH project´s goal is to improve the efficiency of the air cargo transport chain overall. The focal point is set upon an improved, coordinated information flow between the participants and their handling-processes in particular. Within the course of action, key interface areas of the participants are taken into account

IACH tools for process control and optimization