Construction logistics at Frankfurt/ Main Airport

On behalf of Fraport AG an interdisciplinary project team of Fraunhofer IML together with the Zentrum für integrierte Verkehrssysteme (ZIV), Darmstadt, and Rhenus AG, Velten, elaborated a concept for the construction logistics at Frankfurt airport.

This project aimed at optimizing the construction processes on the airport site during the next years. Up to 2015 the construction project will require investments amounting to more than 6 billion Euros. The construction works have to be carried out during operations.

One important criterion for the concept was that the construction works did not interfere with the environment and that a smooth operation was still guaranteed. For this purpose the project team developed specifications for the areas traffic, security, waste disposal, space management and a soil brokering. Planning agencies, specialised logistic service providers or the construction companies themselves will implement this concept.

The results set the practical basis which convinced the principal Fraport by its innovative solutions and funded know-how. Above all the successful cooperation with the traffic planning agency ZIV and the well-experienced practical partner Rhenus contributed largely to this project.

interdisciplinary project team

superordinate logistic construction concept

coordination of construction progress

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